Engine Reiterates Its Strong Support for Net Neutrality


FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler today stated his intention to enforce “transparency”, “no blocking” and “non-discrimination” on the internet, and to encourage increased competition, in order to protect would-be innovators and consumers who often have little marketplace choice.

Protecting an open internet is one of the most important things the FCC can do. It matters for innovation, and it is something that we, and our members, support completely. We’re encouraged by the Chairman’s statement as a sign of the FCCs continued commitment to net neutrality and the innovation it supports across all industries. We also are encouraged that the Chairman has left the firmest legal strategy, known as Title II , available as an option.

Engine Board Member and policy lawyer Marvin Ammori said this today: “Whenever I talk to technology executives and entrepreneurs in San Francisco, New York, D.C., and in other tech hubs, they mention the fundamental importance of net neutrality to the success of their business”

Engine and our constituent startup companies support efforts by the FCC to keep the internet free and open for innovation, and we look forward to working with Chairman Wheeler, the Commission, and other allies to make that goal a reality.