DC Tech Breaks Out: Why Community Support for Startups Builds Better Ecosystems for Growth


In the three years we’ve been building Engine, growth in entrepreneurism and startups has increased at a breakneck pace, with new opportunities for growth popping up in cities and towns all across America. That growth has also been a political focus point, with supporters across the political aisle lining up to support new technologies and innovations. In this political climate hungry for opportunity to promote success, it’s not surprising that we have seen rapid growth in tech entrepreneurship in our nation’s capital, Washington, DC.

With organizations like our friends at 1776 supporting the local ecosystem and a renewed focus on innovating right in the heart of government, DC has quickly become a hotbed of entrepreneurship, attracting local startups and as well as transplants, like the Austin-bred RideScout. The best way to sustain and increase this growth is through lasting connections made through a healthy entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Enter DC TechDay. A “science fair for startups,” TechDay started in New York and will have their first DC event on October 2 that will bring emerging, high growth companies together with sponsors to learn about what’s being built in their own community. More than 150 exhibitors will gather with over 3,000 attendees to talk about their products, growing their businesses, and why they’re building in DC.

It’s also a great opportunity, as we have done with our Startup Day on the Hill events, to bring together policymakers and entrepreneurs to talk about what’s driving success and what both sides do to turn connection into growth. But with DC TechDay, that opportunity is all the more powerful with these entrepreneurs working just blocks away from Congress, the White House and regulatory agencies.

We’re proud to support efforts like DC TechDay. Contact us if you’re a DC-based entrepreneur or a policymaker looking to learn more about growth happening in your community, and get more information at dctechday.com.