Pennsylvania: Toomey v. McGinty

Senator Patrick Toomey (R)

Background: Member of U.S. Senate since 2011

Toomey was one of the key members of Congress behind the JOBS Act, and as a member of the Senate Banking Committee, he has a strong record on capital access issues (extra credit!). He opposed PIPA, supported the America Invents Act, and is supportive of high-skilled immigration reform, all positions earning him a more favorable rating. However, Sen. Toomey opposed the USA Freedom Act and has been vocal in his opposition to net neutrality, hyperbolically and inaccurately calling it a “massive government takeover.” His positions on broadband access, encryption, and STEM education are unclear.

Katie McGinty (D)

Background: Environmental protection professional

Most of McGinty’s economic and technology policy background has been in the clean and renewable energy space, but her positions on other key tech issues are unknown. Though her campaign website suggests she is interested in "nurturing start-up tech businesses," it is difficult to draw any conclusions about her support for startup policies from her limited background. She has said that she would have voted for the Senate’s comprehensive immigration reform package that passed in 2013 and included a number of reforms to high-skilled immigration. She has made vague statements on the issue of encryption.