WayUp kicks off Congressional Startup Day festivities

By Liz Wessel, Co-Founder & CEO, WayUp

IMG_8624 (2).png

This week, WayUp had the honor of hosting Congressman Jerry Nadler (NY-10th district) at our HQ in New York City. Not only is the congressman the chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, but he also represents a large district in NYC where about a third of my employees live, and where hundreds of thousands of WayUp users reside. So, needless to say, it was an incredible opportunity. 

The visit started out with a brief tour of our office, and then a 20 minute closed-door session where I was able to speak with the congressman and his district manager about WayUp’s impact on students and diversity recruitment, our venture funding, why we started the business in the first place, some recent Department of Labor laws that have come out, and more. I was impressed by how many excellent and thoughtful questions the congressman asked, and really appreciated his candor.

After that, the Congressman joined me for a Q&A session with all of the WayUp employees -- an AMA, if you will. He received questions about his impeachment investigation into Trump, about internet privacy laws, about the future of the electoral college, and so much more. To say it was awesome to have someone like him speaking so openly within our office to our employees would be an understatement -- it was a moment many of us will never forget.

I couldn’t be more grateful to Engine, Tech:NYC, and the congressman’s office for allowing WayUp to participate in #StartupDay2019, and for helping our company share our story with such an important member of Congress. 

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