What's Next?

We want to know what issues around technology and innovation are important to you. Our friends over at Techdirt have created a Q&A platform on which you can vote up the issues you care about most, and add your voice to the conversation about how to implement positive policy change.

In the fight against SOPA and PIPA, the internet community proved itself to be active, engaged, and capable of achieving real influence in Washington. A groundswell of action against these bills erupted all over the nation, and through this action, we as a community were able to directly influence the policy that affects us.

Even though we halted the beast, we still have a long way to go on making sure any future antipiracy policy is developed with reference to the needs of the internet community.

We need to get involved in these discussions sooner. We need to bring to the table what matters to us, and get involved in shaping policy that works for us so we’re not just reacting to bad legislation.

Let us know what matters to you most, and we will work with you to help implement policy that will work for you, your company, and your future.

Visit the Techdirt/Engine Innovation Agenda thread to let us know what matters to you.