Pride and Purpose

This morning, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid posted a statement to his website announcing he would not be holding a cloture vote on the PROTECT-IP Act (PIPA) this coming Tuesday as previously planned. Less than an hour later, House Judiciary Committee Chairman Lamar Smith announced he would postpone markup of the controversial Stop Online Piracy Act in the House until “wider agreement can be reached.” 

This constitutes a stunning and major victory for Internet voices from all across America that came together in the last few weeks and months in opposition to this bill. Across the internet more than 13 million people stood up and took action against SOPA and PIPA and were able to achieve substantial change on the movement of these bills.

But the fight has only just begun. As Senator Reid said, the Senate Leadership is hoping to achieve compromise from all parties over the next several weeks. Stay tuned at

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Above all, thank you all so much for your hard work, for your phone calls, for taking action online and offline. Make no mistake, today is a truly inspiring victory for the power of activism and engagement. But to find a better way forward, we’ll need more victories over the next several weeks and months. And together, we can achieve that victory.

Thank you for all that you do.