Mapping New York’s Tech Startups

Mayor Bloomberg announced the rollout of the Made in New York digital map today as part of his continuing push to brand New York as a tech hub. The map, available here, visually lays out tech startups across the five boroughs by geographic location, lending credence to Mayor Bloomberg’s assertion that New York’s Silicon Alley is growing as a nexus of innovation and entrepreneurialism. The map also allows startups to post job listings -- according to TechCrunch’s count, 324 startups are currently looking for applicants.

A study released last week by the Center for an Urban Future showed New York’s rapid expansion in this sector -- in terms of pure growth, New York is second only to Silicon Valley and San Francisco when it comes to tech startups, growing 28.7% in the past 5 years. The study also hit on key measures to ensure the continued rise of innovation in the city, which we discussed in depth here. The study found that, as in Silicon Valley, continued opportunity and growth in the sphere of tech innovation and entrepreneurship in New York depends on the enactment of key policy reforms in skilled immigration and broadband access.

The growth of this sector of the economy is not only confined to Silicon Valley or New York. Cities across the U.S. and around the world are celebrating their own successes in the sphere. London has a startup map similar to the Made in New York map. But what is most encouraging of all is that policymakers and city officials like Mayor Bloomberg are showing their commitment to fostering startups. There is plenty more to do, locally and nationally, but we’re glad more advocates are standing up for startups, wherever they are.