Artists against SOPA/PIPA

We’re excited to be part of a letter put together by a handful of individuals within the creative community to highlight the harms of PIPA and SOPA, and their belief in continued openness of the Internet. These are musicians, actors, and authors that the vast majority of Americans have welcomed into their lives and by virtue, into their homes.

Like all of us, these artists are keenly aware of the harms posed by copyright infringement, but wish to highlight for lawmakers that this legislation -- which is being moved through Congress at an alarming pace -- goes too far, threatening an ecosystem they rely on to reach their current fans and find new ones.

At a time when music sales are at an all time high due to distribution methods that rely on the Internet, and entertainment spending across the board is up 15% over the last decade, it is important to remember that the web continues to open up new markets and new possibilities every day. And that our favorite content creators have been able to harness that power in ways that would never have been imaginable 20 years ago.

We all must urge the Senate and House to carefully consider the ramifications of their actions and engage everyone impacted by this legislation to ensure we are protecting rightsholders’ creations
the platforms they (and we) rely on.

Read their letter. Call your Senator.