Engine SXSW 2019 Voting Guide

We're putting together some exciting panels on startup advocacy and policy issues for SXSW 2019, and we need your votes to get them included in the conference. Please vote by August 30th 2018! 

Engine's panels: 

Disrupting Policy in the District and Beyond. Vote.

Can a Computer Invent? Vote. 


Other panels we're excited about: 

How to Survive a Trade War. Vote

A Day Without GPS: What Would You Do? Vote. 

Politics in Tech: When the Bubble Bursts. Vote.  

Old Men Yell at (the) Cloud: Congress and Tech. Vote

Creative Ways to Solve the Bias Problem in AI. Vote. 

How EU Startups Can Become Successful in the US. Vote. 

Startups vs Local Government Regulations. Vote.

Build a Sustainable & Inclusive Startup Community. Vote.

All Ears: Engaging Users Through Smart Speakers.  Vote

Augmented Reality/Mixed Reality Will Change Everything. Vote

Digital Security in the 21st Century. Vote