Our Internet

We’re excited to post a video today that we put together late last week with some great entrepreneurs in NYC. We asked them to talk to the amazing team at m ss ng p eces about why they started the business they have built, what motivates them every day, and the promise they see going forward. Each of them also spoke about why they fear legislation like PIPA and SOPA and the threats posed by legislation and regulation that have not been carefully thought through.

Now, when startups are the sole drivers of US job growth, accounting for practically all net new jobs in this country -- and the tech sector is the fastest growing among those -- is a good time to remember that protecting our Internet means letting our economy grow, and why our leaders need to ask important questions before passing legislation. And at the same time, to remember that the promise of tomorrow remains, as always, bright and innovative.

We’re grateful to the entrepreneurs who took time out of their busy day to participate in this video and the many others who volunteered to appear.

In alphabetical order:

Scott Belsky, Behance

Cindy Gallop, Consultant

Aaron Harris, Tutorspree

Chris Henry, Behance

Harry Heymann, Foursquare

Chris Mirabile, Hotlist