Startups push Senate to support net neutrality

This morning, on the one-year anniversary of the repeal of net neutrality, Engine released a letter signed by over 160 startups in support of H.R. 1644 / S. 682, the Save the Internet Act. The legislation would restore the FCC’s 2015 Open Internet Order, which allowed startups to grow and succeed by keeping the Internet a level playing field.

Startups rely on a free and open Internet to survive. That’s why small, medium, and large startups from communities across the nation joined together to voice their support for the Senate to pass strong net neutrality protections.

“Net neutrality is fundamental to guaranteeing that every American has unencumbered access to the Internet,” the letter says. “This access is also essential to a competitive, free market for the technology economy to thrive as well as entrepreneurship in this country.”

Implementing strong net neutrality protections is critical for fostering competition and innovation within the startup ecosystem. We urge Senate leadership to quickly pass a clean, unamended version of  H.R. 1644 / S. 682 as soon as possible.