Celebrating Startup Day Across America 2015


The startup ecosystem is no longer exclusively a Silicon Valley, a New York City, or even a Boulder, Colorado phenomenon. Startups are flourishing in communities all across the country. We’ve seen entrepreneurs building new businesses in Des Moines, Detroit, and New Orleans on our Rise of the Rest tours and we’ve reported on some of the fastest growing startup ecosystems in the nation. On Wednesday, August 19, we’re working with Reps. Darrell Issa and Jared Polis, 1776, and dozens of startups and elected leaders  throughout the U.S. to celebrate Startup Day Across America—a national day bringing together members of Congress with startups in their districts.

This year, members of Congress will be making stops at startups, incubators, and co-working spaces in cities like Sacramento, Phoenix, and Charlotte for tours, demos and conversations with entrepreneurs.

Startup Day gives our representatives the opportunity to see firsthand how young and emerging companies are leveraging the power of technology to develop new products and services at an unprecedented rate, and also creating jobs in their districts. It provides entrepreneurs the chance to tell policymakers how and why supportive policy makes a difference: from patent reform to capital access, our lawmakers have the power to craft and champion legislation to support the new innovation economy.

We’ll be highlighting activities throughout the day. Follow #StartupDay on Twitter for updates - and if you’re hosting a member of Congress, make sure to let us know by posting with #StartupDay on your social media channels.