Report: Nuts & Bolts of User Privacy

Presented by Engine and Charles Koch Institute:

“It seems like not a week goes by without a news headline or Hill hearing about consumer privacy. Whether it’s the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation, or the looming California Consumer Privacy Act, policymakers across the world are grappling with what steps they can take to better safeguard consumers’ online data while promoting competition and innovation.

As congressional leaders work on crafting a federal data privacy framework, policymakers must consider the importance of balancing pro-privacy regulations with feasible requirements that do not unduly burden startups on bootstrap budgets. Companies of all sizes rely on data collection to provide streamlined services to consumers. When considering how best to address data privacy concerns, policymakers must first gain a better understanding of the different types and uses of data that companies collect, store, and utilize.

Consumers and startups both support strong data privacy regulations that prohibit abusive data practices and ensure greater user choice and transparency. That’s why Engine and the Charles Koch Institute hosted a “Nuts and Bolts of User Privacy” series to provide a more complete overview of what consumer data is, what it can do, and how startups in particular rely on collected user data to compete with more established industry players.

This report explores the state of data privacy today, including the buzzwords of user privacy, state efforts to protect consumer data, and how efforts like the GDPR and CCPA impact both consumers and startups. It will also examine the current legal landscape across the U.S. as well as the importance of separating “good” data collection and usage practices from efforts that unnecessarily sweep up consumers’ personal information.”

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