Mapping Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Screen Shot 2012 09 26 At 6.01.01 PmStartups are flourishing across the country as we can see from the interactive map Engine released last month. What you may not know is that a network of incubators, accelerators, and other resources are available to entrepreneurs in these communities. Along with my colleague Marvin Ammori, we undertook a research project to catalog some of the important innovation hubs. With the help of our friends at Engine, we now have a tool to map these hubs for the benefit of entrepreneurs, job seekers, and policy makers. We welcome your help in continuing to build out this map for startups around the country.     

Startups are important: they drive economic growth and technological innovation, representing the best of entrepreneurialism and perseverance. However, finding assistance when launching a startup and building a business can be very difficult. Fortunately, there are organizations that help entrepreneurs turn a kernel of an idea into a thriving business: incubators and accelerators. These innovation spaces are a crucial ingredient for entrepreneurial success.

Generally speaking, incubators provide entrepreneurs with a place to set up shop, business resources, seed funding, networking opportunities, and other tools to get their companies started. Accelerators are similar in that they provide resources to young companies, but they also work with startups that are more established and help them to take their business to the next level. Together, these organizations play a critical role in the innovation ecosystem.

With Engine, we’ve created a map of incubators and accelerators that are helping startups throughout the country. Click on a pin to learn more about an individual innovation space. We show organizations that work with internet-focused companies -- app developers, software designers, and other related organizations -- but they may also host many other types of businesses.

The maps shows the innovation spaces that exist from coast-to-coast, in all 50 states. If you’re a startup looking for help launching or growing your technology company, check out the incubators and accelerators in your region. If you’re an incubator or accelerator but don’t see yourself on the map, fill in your information so we can add you.

Innovation Spaces Map


Luke Pelican is an associate at The Ammori Group