Statement on Expanded Employment Authorization for Spouses of Highly Skilled Workers

UPDATE - May 26, 2015:
Today, U.S. Citizen and Immigration Services (USCIS) began accepting work authorization applications for work for H-4 dependent spouses. The implementation of this program is an important step in modernizing our immigration system and bolstering our workforce. Allowing the spouses of immigrants to work provides greater economic stability and a better quality of life to many immigrant families around the country. And it's a win for startups and other businesses that will now have access to a wider pool of global talent already here in the U.S.
Statement by Engine Policy Director Evan Engstrom
Re: DHS Expanding Employment Authorization for Some Spouses of Highly Skilled Workers
Today's DHS announcement is a hard fought win for thousands of immigrant families, providing more stability and certainty for those who want to come and stay in the United States. It's also a win for U.S. startups, removing yet another major obstacle to attracting and retaining top talent from around the world, and adding even more workers to the talent pool. While we still await Congressional action to expand the supply of visas available to high skilled workers, the H-4 rule solves a significant problem with our nation's broken immigration system. We're grateful to the White House, DHS, USCIS, and the many startups, workers, and advocates who have been leading the charge for true immigration reform. We look forward to seeing more of the President's directives become reality in the coming months, including improving visa options for immigrant entrepreneurs who start companies and create jobs in the U.S.