SOPA Markup on Hold. Now What?

In an unexpected move this morning, the House Judiciary Committee voted to suspend the markup of the hotly-contested Stop Online Piracy Act until the "next reasonable business day." To the 10,180 of you who (as of this writing) have made phone calls to your respective legislators, consider the beginning of this post a hearty, well-deserved congratulatory pat on the back.

The good news is that we now have more time to sway more hearts and minds on the committee and in the Congress and educate them as to why SOPA is such bad legislation in its current form.

The bad news is, the next meeting could be as early as Tuesday.

Let's keep the pressure on. Your voice is working. We heard that loud and clear in the halls of Congress this week. Now is the time to double down, make another phone call and let Congress know that as it stands right now, we stand united against SOPA and for finding a new way forward.

You can make a call right now at and now is the perfect time to let Congress know you won't stand for an internet that is easily censored and made insecure.

Thank you for your work so far, and for the work we all will do over the next weeks and months. The tide is turning in our favor, so stand up, keep fighting, and together we can protect the this essential resource in our lives.

UPDATE: Chairman Smith has scheduled the next round of markup for next Wednesday, December 21st according to multiple sources.