Senate Immigration Success: Time to Keep Working


By a vote of 68-32, the United States Senate completed a landmark bipartisan effort by passing S. 744 on comprehensive immigration reform. We applaud the efforts of the Senators who voted in favor of the bill, and all their staff, as well as recognizing the historic impact of the technology community. Today we stand closer to the promise of an immigration system that works for all Americans than we have for decades.

Now we must ensure this promise is realized. In the House of Representatives -- where the promise of success is much murkier -- we must redouble our efforts. We must work harder to tell Congress in clear and simple economic terms that this is what America needs, and we must work harder to tell Congress that this is what the majority of Americans want.

Leading members of the Republican majority in the House have stated thus far that they will attempt to work on the issue of immigration in a piecemeal fashion, rather than taking up a comprehensive bill. Whatever the process in the House, it should proceed with the understanding that every single day that goes by without legislative action towards reform, is a day that we are losing money and a day when our global competitive edge will continue to slip away from us. With CBO estimates showing the current immigration bill reducing our deficit by $900 billion in the next 20 years alone, it’s good government to vote for this bill. And that’s before we take into account the direct social and economic benefits that will follow from building a system that works.

The impact you can have in this process is significant and historic in its own right. Our Keep Us Here campaign makes it possible to connect with your representatives in Congress in new ways, allowing you to have your voice heard more clearly than ever before. Powered by the voices of entrepreneurs and the products, jobs and economic growth they create, gives you a platform to engage in the debate.

Our potential for growth is limitless when the world’s best and brightest minds are here in America, building American companies, creating American jobs, and recreating the American dream for every new generation. Congress can cement this growth and prosperity for generations by passing this bill, but they need your words of encouragement to do it. Join us. Tweet at your member of Congress, make a phone call, write a letter. Ask your elected representative to take action and help build an immigration system that works for today, and can keep America growing.