JOBS Act Becomes Law


I was honored to represent the startup community across America this afternoon as a guest of President Obama in the White House Rose Garden as he signed JOBS Act into law. This bi-partisan bill will do great things for our community; through increased ability for companies to go public, raise money through crowdfunding or scale their products and businesses into the marketplace with greater ease.

The President, along with House Republican Leader Eric Cantor who introduced the bill in February, Sens. Jeff Merkley and Scott Brown who worked tirelessly on the crowdfunding issues, and many others in both parties and both Houses of Congress are to be thanked for making sure this legislation passed with the support and speed that it did. With Engine, I look forward to helping many new startups benefit from this law, and continuing to work with the Congress and the President to pass further legislation aimed at helping startups continue to drive the Engine of the American economy.