Internet Declaration Highlights SOPA/PIPA Legacy

DeclarationfreepressAhead of Independence Day in the United States, groups are banding together to highlight principles behind the free and open internet. Entrepreneurs and startups are vital players in the internet economy, and should make their voices heard as the discussion evolves on these critical issues that impact internet culture and commerce.


A coalition representing advocacy groups, civil society organizations, companies, academics, and individuals have launched a “declaration of internet freedom” at The groups highlight five principles: expression, access, openness, innovation, and privacy.

Startups can take this opportunity to provide feedback on Techdirt, reddit, Cheezburger, and Github.

Nearly six months after the blackout protests and call campaigns derailed SOPA and PIPA, users across the web are coming together to remind lawmakers that these efforts weren’t a one-time groundswell. Startups have a great deal at stake in the open internet discussion and entrepreneurs and innovators should take this opportunity to let the community know about their concerns.