Statement on Termination of Comcast Merger Agreement


In response to Comcast's announcement that it had terminated it's merger agreement with Time Warner Cable, Engine Policy Director Evan Engstrom issued the following statement:

"This is a major victory for the future of the Internet, and for the startups and families that depend on high-speed broadband access to work and study and innovate. The proposed merger would have given Comcast monopoly control over Internet access for a huge swath of the country, effectively removing any incentives to increase speeds, lower costs, or expand coverage. The death of the merger is a step towards broadband policies that favor competition over conglomeration. If Comcast wants to expand in the future, it will need to do so by competing with its rivals, rather than simply buying them. Engine is proud to have worked with so many great organizations to prevent the merger, and in the months ahead we will continue to fight for policies that expand broadband access and make the U.S. even more competitive in a global economy."