Google Fiber comes to Kansas City

We’re very excited to see Google announce the commencement of their Google Fiber project in Kansas City today. Google Fiber will be putting down thousands of miles of cables to create a new broadband infrastructure which will eventually see data speeds of more than 100 times faster than the average speed most Americans currently enjoy.   

The project is enabled by the Gigabit Challenge -- a competition sponsored by the Kauffman Foundation seeking entrepreneurial ideas to create innovative and forward-thinking businesses to work alongside Google Fiber. Senator Jerry Moran has been a major proponent of the Gigabit Challenge, which goes hand in hand with the core initiatives he co-authored for the Startup Act -- which we strongly support -- a bipartisan agenda for invigorating the economy through innovation.

We look forward Kansas City’s continued growth as an entrepreneurial hub, and we also look forward to further expansion of high-speed broadband to every corner the country as we look towards building the future of the tech driven economy.