Entrepreneurs Need Startup Act 2.0

Earlier this week, the office of Senator Jerry Moran, a leading co-sponsor in the Senate of Startup Act 2.0, released a short video detailing the need for reform of the immigration processes for entrepreneurs as would be enabled by Startup Act. 

In the video, Morpheus Medical Co-Founder and Engine member Fabien Beckers, a French citizen by birth, tells his story, and outlines why, despite receiving his education in the U.S. and founding a company here, he and his employees may be forced to close up shop because of his visa situation. 

Check out the video at Sen. Moran's YouTube page here, and remember to call your member of Congress today at http://engine.is/startupact and ask them to co-sponsor and champion Startup Act 2.0 in the House and Senate. With your voice, we can help make this law a reality for founders like Fabien all across the U.S. and keep startups thriving here at home.