CEA Launches Immigration Virtual Lobby Day

The Consumer Electronics Association is holding a virtual lobby day today to ask Members of Congress to take action on strategic immigration reform.

We’ve written a lot about the importance of skilled immigration reform to allow high skilled workers and entrepreneurs to come to and remain in the United States to create jobs for U.S. workers.

Today’s effort focuses on two bills in particular, H.R. 2161, and H.R. 43, which propose significant reforms to the current immigration regime, such as easing the path for foreign students to obtain visas and creating a visa for foreign-born entrepreneurs to start their businesses here subject to specific requirements, as well as provisions to protect U.S. workers and grow the U.S. STEM workforce. The bills are two great first steps in advancing this vital conversation, crucial to the strength and vibrancy of our economy.

It’s encouraging to see increased discussion of this important issue and we urge you to use the CEA’s online tools to speak up. Now is your opportunity to start the dialogue with your representatives on skilled immigration. So stand up, virtually, and make your voice heard on an issue of great importance to our country, and our economy.