Cantor: No Limits to Entrepreneurship, Continue the Startup Discussion

House Majority Leader Eric Cantor pushed the cause of entrepreneurs and startups on Capitol Hill today, emphasizing the importance of government’s role in the formation and success of small businesses. America should be the “Startup country,” the Virginia representative said at a conference on entrepreneurism, “We want to be the destination for the world’s best and brightest, for those willing to work hard, to take a risk and make something of themselves.”

Lawmakers are continuing to shift their focus to issues facing entrepreneurs, startups, and small business this year. Despite the presidential election, partisan division, and other seemingly intractable differences, members of both parties have been able to agree that Washington needs to get to work for startups.

Last week, a bipartisan group of Senators -- Jerry Moran, Mark Warner, Marco Rubio, and Chris Coons -- introduced a bill titled Startup Act 2.0 which would make critical reforms to the immigration system, incentivize the rapid commercialization of research and development, and lessen the tax burden on profits made by small, thriving firms. Engine encourages lawmakers in the House of Representatives to take up similar legislation to bolster small business, help startups hire talented workers, and incentivize the development of innovative products and services that grow the American economy.