Startups Assist Sandy Recovery

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As the federal government moves to assist communities affected by Hurricane Sandy, startups are lending a helping hand to their neighbors and one another as well. Mashable’s Zoe Fox today reported on entrepreneurs opening their offices to other companies and providing relief services to their communities.

Engine joined with New York Tech Meetup at the NYU Stern School of Business last week, where people gathered from many different corners of the New York startup community to discuss not just the upcoming election, but also a blueprint to turn moments of advocacy into a lasting movement of tech companies and allies working together on issues that affect our communities.

Disasters like Sandy have devastating consequences for families, individuals, and small businesses. The New York Tech Meetup team has put together a Google Survey taking requests for technology assistance in the wake of the storm.

The Engine team encourages you to spread the word. If you are looking for assistance or opportunities to give or volunteer on the Lower East Side, Redhook, Staten Island, or Astoria, consider using Recovers, an Engine member that coordinates disaster relief.