Continuing the Conversation: A Roundtable on San Francisco, Prop E, and Technology


The move by San Franciscan voters to approve Proposition E earlier this month was something of a coup for the tech industry. This shift in tax policy aims to encourage hiring and new business development in the city and saw support from the mayor, tech companies, and leaders in the venture capital community. While the impact of the reform will be evaluated over the coming years, the coordination of the tech and startup community around this policy is an encouraging achievement.

The important question we face after the success of Prop E is how to keep the dialogue between government, citizens, and innovators moving forward?

Technology companies and other interested advocates including the San Francisco Citizens Initiative for Technology and Innovation ( backed Prop E, arguing the reform would be a catalyst for job creation in San Francisco. A video released during election season by highlighted the important role technology can play in improving local governance and day-to-day problems.

For years, licensing, policy, and regulation have pitted the tech industry against itself, seeing companies use government as a wedge against competitors. Working together with businesses and other stakeholders to address policy challenges will help our communities and country emerge stronger, more efficient, and more prosperous. The first step is coming together. Engine has been working in local communities across the country as well as here in the valley to make local startup policy a priority. We encourage you to join Engine to be part of future success stories in your own backyard.

Next Thursday, we are going to continue this conversation. Please consider joining Engine for a roundtable on technology, economic growth, and local policy at 10am December 6. For more information, email us at

Photo courtesy of  MomentsForZen.