Celebrating #StartupDay Across America


This week, we’re excited to be kicking-off Startup Across America Day where 44 members of Congress will be meeting with technology startups in their home states and districts on August 29th and in the weeks immediately after, or getting the word out to their constituents through social media.

Why are we doing this?

Recent research has made it clear that high-growth, high-tech startups are no longer isolated to a few known “tech hubs.” In fact, startups are founded all over the country, from Seattle, to Kansas City, Des Moines, and Baltimore. As these startups emerge in more and more places, they also create jobs, spurring local and national economic growth.

According to our latest research -- Tech Starts -- published in conjunction with the Kauffman Foundation, high-tech firms have played outsized roles in entrepreneurship in the United States, with business formation rates outpacing those for firms across the entire economy during the last few decades. Surviving high-tech firms create jobs at twice the rate of businesses across the economy, and the average employment at these firms surpasses the private sector as a whole.

Events will be taking place in Atlanta, Austin, Baltimore, Boulder, Cambridge, Chicago, Cincinnati, Dallas, Farmington, Grand Rapids, Jeffersonville, Kansas City, Memphis, Phoenix, Port Washington, Seattle, and Stony Brook.

We believe in this nationwide community of entrepreneurs and think that they should have a seat at the table to discuss the policy issues that impact their business. This is why we are founding partners in “Startup Day Across America,” together with the bipartisan Congressional Caucus on Innovation and Entrepreneurship, and 1776. UP Global, The Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation, The Global Accelerator Network, and T4A are also serving as supporting partners.

What do we hope to achieve?

From our experience in hosting these kinds of events, we know that these visits will be a good first step in creating a lasting dialogue between Members and their startup communities; they will allow Members to meet with the job creators in their district, discuss the importance of entrepreneurship and innovation to the American economy, and then embark on conversations about the policy issues that matter to these dynamic businesses.

We hope that our startup partners around the country are excited to join these conversations, and be part of the debates around the policy issues that impact the high-tech community. And if you’re not hosting an event this week, we encourage you to get together with your colleagues, connect with your local representative and take a seat at the table.