Tech Leaders Send Letter to Donald Trump

On Wednesday, Engine’s Executive Director Evan Engstrom and sixteen other technology industry leaders sent a letter to President-elect Donald Trump outlining a number of growth and innovation-driving principles that he should consider as he sets his policy agenda.

As the letter states, the technology industry is “a powerful engine of economic growth,” employing over 5.7 million people across the United States and and driving over $1 trillion in economic growth. According to research by Engine, the creation of 1 high tech job is projected to create 4.3 other jobs in a local economy. Startups, in particular, play an outsized role in job creation and economic growth. High-growth firms, though small in number, account for up to 50 percent of new jobs created.

The letter encourages Trump to tap into the technology sector’s ingenuity to solve some of America’s biggest challenges. Additional recommendations include investing in an improved technology infrastructure, modernizing the ways laws and regulations govern data, pursuing tax reform, and filling government with people who are committed to working faster and smarter. The letter was signed by the leaders of the following organizations:

  • 1776

  • ACT | The App Association

  • Allied for Startups

  • BSA | The Software Alliance

  • Computer and Communications Industry Association

  • Computing Technology Industry Association

  • Consumer Technology Association

  • Engine

  • Entertainment Software Association

  • Information Technology Industry Council

  • Internet Association

  • Semiconductor Industry Association

  • Software & Information Industry Association

  • Silicon Valley Leadership Group

  • TechNet

  • Telecommunications Industry Association

  • Technology CEO Council


Read the full letter here.