Engine Supports David Redl's Nomination to National Telecommunications and Information Administrator

In a letter sent to the Senate Commerce Committee in advance of the nomination hearing on June 8th, 2017, Engine expressed its strong support for David Redl’s nomination to the position of National Telecommunications and Information (NTIA) Administrator.

As a non-profit advocacy and research organization that supports high-growth startups, one of our highest priorities is ensuring that the Internet remains the driver of innovation and economic growth. Many decisions made at the NTIA, including promoting secure communications networks, efficient use of federally held spectrum and broadband deployment are critical to startups nationwide.  From his work in Congress and the wireless industry, Mr. Redl is incredibly qualified to be the top federal advisor on all telecommunications issues. His experience working with the startup and technology communities over the years will be an asset to the NTIA in crafting policies that help drive the growth of the Internet, startups and the economy.

We hope the Committee will promptly approve his nomination, and we look forward to working with him in the coming years.