Engine Statement on Senate Measure to Oppose Net Neutrality Repeal

The following statement can be attributed to Engine’ s Executive Director, Evan Engstrom:

"Engine is thrilled to see the swell of support behind Sen. Ed Markey’s measure that formally opposes the Federal Communications Commission’s vote late last year to repeal the agency’s 2015 net neutrality rules.

The net neutrality rules that were in place before the FCC voted on December 14, 2017 protected small companies and online services, as well as their users. Under the previous rules, a startup with limited resources didn’t have to worry about paying ISPs for better access to users. Investors invested billions in startups knowing that the companies’ Internet traffic wouldn’t be slowed down just because they compete with an ISP or ISP-affiliated service. And Internet users weren’t faced with the threat of additional costs to access the legal content and services using Internet access they already pay for.

We fully support the lawmakers’ step to undo the FCC’s December vote and reinstate the net neutrality protections that kept the Internet free and open and a level playing field for startups all over the country."