Engine Statement on Net Neutrality Vote

The following statement can be attributed to Engine’ s Executive Director, Evan Engstrom:

“The Federal Communications Commission voted today to strip the critical protections that made the Internet a level playing field for startups. With its rushed, party-line decision to repeal the 2015 Open Internet Order, the Commission is ignoring the pleas of innovators, investors, and everyday users to keep the Internet free and open.

With bright-line net neutrality principles, startups didn’t have to worry about competing against wealthy incumbent companies for better access to users. Because of the certainty provided by the rules, startups have been able to innovate, grow, and attract investment. Now that the rules have been repealed, startups will be faced with increased operating costs, greater risk for investors, and the threat of competition from companies that can easily pay off the big telecom companies.

But the fight is far from over. We’re grateful for the more than 1,300 innovators who voiced their support for net neutrality rules and we will continue to fight to make sure the voice of startups is heard.”