Engine Statement on Net Neutrality CRA Resolution

The following can be attributed to Engine Executive Director Evan Engstrom:

“Engine has long supported the net neutrality principles enshrined in the FCC’s 2015 Open Internet Order because they preserved the Internet as a level playing field where companies of all sizes, including startups, can compete on their merits to reach consumers and grow their user base.

Without those net neutrality protections, a small startup will not be able to afford to pay more than well-funded incumbents for better access to users, making it more difficult and expensive to bring new, innovative products and services into the market. Eliminating net neutrality protections hurts startups all over the country, which in turn hurts economic and job growth.

Engine supports efforts to preserve the net neutrality protections in the 2015 Open Internet Order, including the newly introduced Congressional Review Act resolution that would undo the FCC’s December 2017 action to repeal the rules. We stand ready to work with Congress to put these protections back into place.”