Engine Statement on Federal Court Ruling on Net Neutrality

Statement from Engine Executive Director Evan Engstrom

Re: Federal Appeals Court Upholds Historic Net Neutrality Rules

Today, the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals upheld the Federal Communication Commission’s (FCC) historic net neutrality rules in a 2-1 vote. Affirming that Internet Service Providers (ISPs) cannot block, throttle, or slow down web traffic at their own discretion, the ruling is a major victory for thousands of startups that depend on the open internet as a level playing field.

“Today’s sweeping ruling unequivocally affirms the FCC’s 2015 Open Internet Order and ensures that the internet will remain open for startup innovation,” said Engine Executive Director Evan Engstrom. “This is a battle that has been fought long and hard by the startup community, and today’s ruling recognizes what we have asserted all along: the FCC has sufficient authority to reclassify broadband service as a Title II telecommunications service and enforce strong, bright-line net neutrality rules.  

“We are grateful to Chairman Wheeler and Commissioners Clyburn and Rosenworcel for their support of net neutrality and their tireless work to promulgate strong rules that could withstand legal challenge. While the country’s biggest ISPs have already vowed to appeal the case to the Supreme Court, it’s clear where the rest of the nation stands. 3.7 million comments, thousands of startups, President Obama, the FCC, and now a federal appeals court all agree: the internet is an essential service in the 21st century and only net neutrality can ensure it remains an open platform for expression, economic activity, and innovation.”


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