Engine Applauds Senators Lee and Leahy for Introduction of ECPA Modernization Act of 2017

The following statement can be attributed to Engine Executive Director, Evan Engstrom: 

“Engine applauds Senators Lee and Leahy for their continued work on updating the Electronic Communications Privacy Act (ECPA). Passed in 1986, ECPA is in desperate need of an update to require a warrant for all content, regardless of how that content was created or where it originated. The Lee-Leahy bill will modernize the nation’s electronic privacy laws and bring protections against warrantless searches into harmony with the technological realities of today.  

This legislation is crucial for American startups, particularly those that hope to compete globally. Without rules requiring the U.S. Government to obtain a warrant for all digital content, startups are at a disadvantage in foreign countries. Additionally, as ECPA currently stands, government agencies are free to interpret warrant requirements as they see fit, creating uncertainty in data requirements and harming investment in startups. The Lee-Leahy ECPA legislation is a bi-partisan effort to protect American’s digital content and is good for startups who currently face uncertainty with compliance. Data plays an increasingly important role for all technology startups and this bill will increase user trust and empower American businesses.”