Capital Coalition visits Austin


Last month the Capital Coalition continued its nationwide rollout with a launch event in Austin, TX. Partnering with the Capital Factory -- dubbed the “The Center of Gravity for Entrepreneurs in Texas” -- we hosted investors and entrepreneurs for a discussion on the Austin ecosystem and how venture capitalists, accelerators, incubators, and angel investors can help make public policy better for startups. We were grateful to be joined by investors from the likes of Wild Basin Investments and the Central Texas Angel Network, as well as civic organizations working to build the Austin ecosystem like the Austin Tech Alliance.

The event was just as much about introducing Capital Coalition as it was an opportunity to learn from investors about the issues that matter to them. We were able to hear directly from those working day in and day out to build successful companies, and better understand the ways in which Capital Coalition can work to improve public policy to make that task easier. Our discussion focused on several issues facing participants’ portfolio companies, including spectrum policy and the development of 5G infrastructure, autonomous vehicle regulation, and tax policies that are harming and helping startups. As we continue to ramp up our efforts, hearing from more investors -- from experienced VCs to first time angels -- is critical to making sure we scale in the right ways and stay focused on solving the most crucial policy problems.

What is the Capital Coalition?

Capital Coalition is a nationwide network of startup investors working to create pro-innovation and pro-entrepreneurship public policies by advancing the investor perspective in key technology policy debates. We work on things like ensuring privacy regulations protect consumers without imposing unreasonable burdens on startups, increasing high-skilled immigration, limiting abuse of the patent system, and energizing startup growth in emerging ecosystems.

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