Engine bridges the gap between startups and policymakers. Put simply, we focus on policy and regulation so you don’t have to.


Who Engine Is: 

Engine is a technology policy, research, and advocacy organization that bridges the gap between policymakers and startups, working with government and a community of high- technology, growth-oriented startups across the nation to support the development of entrepreneurship. Engine creates an environment where technological innovation and entrepreneurship thrive by providing knowledge about the startup economy and constructing smarter public policy. To that end, Engine conducts research, organizes events, and spearheads campaigns to educate elected officials, the entrepreneur community, and the general public on issues vital to fostering technological innovation. 


Why We've Partnered with AI XPRIZE:

Academics and researchers have been exploring AI for decades, but thanks to recent advances in computing power, internet connectivity, cloud computing, and access to data, what was once just a theoretical endeavor has edged closer to reality. Startups and innovators are driving breakthroughs, and AI XPRIZE is helping to facilitate these efforts by accelerating the adoption of AI technologies and sparking creative, innovative and audacious demonstrations of the technology that are truly scalable and solve societal grand challenges.

In Engine’s work with startups at the forefront of innovation, we regularly consider how policymakers should interact with emerging technologies. Partnering with AI XPRIZE allows us to learn more about the opportunities and challenges of artificial intelligence and share those lessons through our advocacy efforts. 


What Engine Can Offer Your team:

As your team goes through this process, we want to hear from you! Because when startups get involved in public policy proactively, lawmakers pay attention.

Are there particular policies that are limiting your ability to bring your idea to life? Maybe you're finding specific regulatory frameworks or requirements difficult to navigate? We've weighed in on artificial intelligence before, but we are always looking for new ways that policies can encourage and support continued innovation. 

Reach out to AI@xprize.org if you run into a particular issue, or if you'd simply like to chat with someone from our team about the policy implications of artificial intelligence.

Congratulations on being selected to compete, and we look forward to helping make sure that your voice is heard by government leaders in DC and across the country!


- The Engine Team