Engine supports the growth of technology entrepreneurship through economic research, policy analysis, and advocacy on local and national issues. 

Founded in 2011 to harness the political power of the startup and tech communities, Engine is a policy, advocacy, and research organization supporting startups as an engine for economic growth.

Engine Research Foundation is a 501(c)(3) and Engine Advocacy is a 501(c)(4).



We conduct research and advocate on the issues that matter to startups. 
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Engine seeks to provide thought leadership on policies based on data and careful analysis.

Our Tech Starts report highlights the geographical diversity of startups and their importance to the economy.

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Engine works with a diverse group of entrepreneurial high-growth businesses, pioneers, innovators, investors, and technologists committed to taking action on policy issues in Washington and nationwide.

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Engine Advocacy has been an integral partner in developing technology policy since 2011. Engine has met with hundreds of policymakers across the country to talk about the laws that impact their business.

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