Capital Coalition is a nationwide network of startup investors who believe that entrepreneurship and innovation are core to the economic prosperity and national security of the United States.

We believe in the importance of fostering entrepreneurship, and the role of government in helping create healthy startup ecosystems across the country. We believe that ecosystems thrive when they have access to capital, genuine diversity, and infrastructure that includes not only servers and networks, but housing, transportation, and education. We believe that a strong economy requires strong talent and the U.S. must attract high-skilled workers from around the world while also ensuring Americans are ready to lead the industries of the future. We believe that the interconnectedness of the global economy is healthy, and that government should focus on combating unfair trade practices, not waging unnecessary tariff wars. We believe that new industries require new ways of thinking about regulation, and fueling innovation and entrepreneurship does not have to come at the expense of people or planet.