When startups speak, policymakers listen. 
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Engine Foundation conducts original research on high-tech entrepreneurial activity that informs our advocacy, outreach, and communications initiatives.



Building a pipeline of well-rounded and highly trained individuals is vital to retaining American leadership in technological innovation.

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Data & Security

Considerations about how companies, governments and individuals interact with, build upon, and learn from aggregate data are increasingly important in policy and regulatory discussions.

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Connecting more Americans to broadband is critical to growing our entrepreneurial economy. As many as 19 million Americans live in areas unserved by broadband internet providers.

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Limited access to capital can be one of the biggest challenges a startup faces. Seed stage venture capital investment in startups has dropped by more than 70 percent since its peak in 2000.

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Internet-based commerce empowers consumers on every corner to build small businesses, trade in goods and services, and harness previously unattainable educational opportunities.

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Patents were developed to encourage openness in the innovation space and to protect inventors. Startups are increasingly facing legal pressure from “patent trolls”.

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